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Welcome to Body-Prep Foundations

Foundations seem to be a lost art in rehabilitation, training, and sport, as society focuses on quicker, better, faster in all aspects of their life. Technology changes, etc.., but our bodies are still designed to work the same as it did on the day we were born. After years of working with patients and clients, we have noticed that we always start back at the same basic "Foundations". This corrects the basic movements of your body, so you can both feel & function to your full potential. Then you can integrate this knowledge into every other exercise, activity or sport you desire to maximize your performance and prevent future injuries.

The Foundations course was designed to focus on the important pillars of the body's movement. We have broken it down into bite-sized chunks by body part, and then integrated it all back to the 'big-picture' to give you the foundation to build a strong and dynamic posture!

The course should be completed in its entirety for the best results. We highly suggest completing BODY-PREP ESSENTIAL EDUCATION prior to taking on THE FOUNDATIONS as the education is as important has what you do during the exercise position of this workshop. If you try to skip to the parts you THINK you need, and ignore phases of movement education, it's a lot like cheating on a test - you might get an "A" but you'll have no idea how to apply the information into your life! So we encourage you to review all the phases of foundations in order, as the concepts will all build and integrate with one another as the weeks progress.


This course is really "hands on". You need to get off your chair and work through these lessons! All the material will sound "great" but if there is no personal application, you won't walk away with any positive change.

In each phase, we have included concepts and principles that will help to round out the pillars of the foundations you're building. You should know and own these concepts and principles as they don't change! We want you to always be able to make the best decision for your own body in any situation you find yourself.

We recommend trying to spend a month working through each phase - this is a realistic goal for people with full time jobs, families and other activities. If you're a little more Type A - you may find a week or two will be enough to really digest the material and be able to apply the content.

Concept of the Month: They're designed to make you more aware of how your body works, and get you asking questions about how you've addressed body issues in the past. 

Principle of the Month: These are IMPORTANT. They outline a mindset that is necessary to get changes in your body. So please don't ignore them!

The workbook is free for you to download. It'll help you remember the important points about each pillar of the foundations, jot down notes so you can remember the key points that made each exercise work for you and also track your progress! Use it as a quick reference guide to practice your exercises throughout the week (without having to rewatch all the educational video) and also as a tool to refer back to if you forgot anything!

We've attached a list of the equipment that is recommended for this course, along with modifications that can be used instead. Sometimes the "real deal" will give you a better result if you are struggling "feeling" an exercise. 

Also, we know this might sound redundant, but this is an online course – so an internet connection is necessary. You can't download the video material (for copyright reasons), so a WIFI connection is preferable so you don't get dinged with a huge phone bill for data consumption :)

We hope you enjoy the course! Remember we are here to support you, so if you get stuck or have a question, please leave a comment at the end of the section and we'll make sure to get back to you within 2 days.


Andrea & Jamie