Warnings and Disclaimer

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Let’s talk about a few potholes, speed bumps and potential road closures that can hinder moving forward with this course. 

Potholes - they come out of nowhere and cripple our cars when we hit them. If something comes up and stops your body dead in it’s tracks - please seek help from a license health care professional. This course despite being taught by medical professionals, it's not a diagnostic or therapeutic course. 

Speed bumps - these will slow you down, but not stop your journey. You may not see change as quickly as others, but be consistent, and you will get there eventually.  

Road closures - If you have pathological changes in any of your joints, muscles, ligaments, or organ systems, this course may help gain some awareness in your body, but it is not a substitute for medical care. Please only partake if you have clearance from your medical doctor.  

Things can still be done to help all these road situations but it is not the focus of this course. If you are experiencing one of these road signs, please book an appointment with a trained and licensed health professional.